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Buying a home can be a daunting process, but I can help you through it. Having been through the process numerous times myself, I can tell you sometimes everything falls into place and sometimes you deal with people that didn’t prepare properly. Below you will find some of the most common questions to buying and selling a home. Its always a good idea to at least have a pre-qualification letter with your REALTOR® before you start your search.

Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?

Yes. Before you start your search, you should talk with your bank or your trusted mortgage partner. You should know what you can afford before you start to search. You don’t want to find your dream home only to find out you won’t qualify for a loan, or not be able to make your payments.

If you are in need of a mortgage banker, please see my Trusted Partners page for different mortgage banker options with whom I have had successful experiences. Getting financially naked in front of someone can be a stressful process, so your banking partner should be someone you trust.

Should I buy or continue to rent?

This can be a complicated question. Call me and lets discuss your situation.

Can I find a rent-to-own property?

YES! I can help you with this process. While these are a little more difficult to find, they are definitely out there. Give me a call and let’s talk.

Do I really need a REALTOR® when buying a home?

This is a question I get asked a lot. My opinion is yes, you do. The contracts can be very complex, and I love the art of the negotiation part of Real Estate. You should always have someone in your corner who has your back and will fight for you to get what you want. When you go at it alone, it can become easy to get emotional over a deal and then you may not make the smart decision. As Jerry Jones once said, “Don’t let your money get mad.”

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